1. Notice inviting tender for close circuit camera, March 2017

2. Notice inviting tender for public address system, March 2017

3. Tender notice for rain water harvesting system, March 2017

4. Notice inviting quotation for Desktop PC, March 2017

5. Notice inviting quotation for Laptop, March 2017

6. Notice inviting tender for Security Services, Feb. 2017

7. Notice inviting tender for Catering, Housekeeping and Maintenance Services, Feb. 2017

8. Notice Inviting tender for stationery and other consumable items, Feb. 2017

9. Inviting quotations for supply of bags and folders


1. Inviting Bids for Repairing and Renovation of Steel Plate Water Reservoir and MS Angle Staging, Nov. 2016

2. Inviting Bids for Earthing and other related electrical work, Nov. 2016

3. Extension notice for date of submission of tender for bio-digester toilet tank

4. Tender Notice for Rain Water Harvesting System, Sept. 2016

5. Tender Notice for "Catering, Housekeeping and Maintenance Services" March 2016

6. Tender Notice for "Supply of "Computer Consumable Items" November 2015

7. Tender Notice for "Refilling/buy back of Fire Extinguishers" November 2015

8. Extension Notice for Tender on "Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers & Peripherals" October, 2015

9. Tender Notice for "Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers & Peripherals" October, 2015

10. Tender Notice for "Drilling of bore well at NIRDPR-NERC, Guwahati", July 2015

11. Tender Notice for "Supply of Drinking Water" February 2015

12. Tender Notice for "Providing CC Road" January 2015

13. Tender Notice for "Supply of Drinking Water" January 2015

14. Tender Notice for "Supply and Installation of One 30 KVAR Capacitor Panel" November 2014

15. Tender Notice for "Catering/ House Keeping/ Maintenance of Guest House/ Office Premises/ Other Services" September 2014

16. Tender Notice for "Providing Security Services" August 2014

17. Tender Notice for "Providing Vehicle on Hire Basis" August 2014

18. Tender Notice for Providing Solar Power Connection to Residential Quarters at NIRD-NERC, Guwahati, March 2014

19. Tender Notice for Pest Control Treatment at NIRD-NERC, Guwahati, February, 2014

20. Tender Notice for Supply of Stationery and Consumables, January 2014

21. Tender Notice for Wireless Classroom Presentation Tools

22. Tender Notice for Supply of Drinking Water

23. Extension of tender submission upto August 30, 2013 for AMC of PA Systems

24. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for PA Systems

25. Re-Tender Notice for Total Station